Simply Brilliant. Get more, spend less.
Insured Coverage with a 'pay as you go' Health Spending Account.
As a business owner, providing a "Group Benefit Plan" for you and your employees is either not available or very expensive. The CoreHealth+ Plan is "Simply Brilliant" because it is available to companies of one to many employees…..and the amount of the Health Spending Account (HSA) can be set for any annual limit, providing Health and Dental payment with pre-tax dollars.

CoreHealth+ Combines:

Employee Group Insurance

for unplanned expenses
  • Low monthly premiums
  • No medical underwriting
  • Everyone is eligible
  • Available to companies with one or more employees

Health Spending Account

for routine expenses
  • Pay-as-you-go with pre-tax money from your business
  • A different annual limit can be set for different job