CoreHealth+ in action.
Here's how CoreHealth+ has helped our clients.
A Solution for many business types. CoreHeath+ provides companies as small as one person with an affordable benefit plan.

When we sat down to build a flexible small business health care benefit program, we wanted it be approximately the price of cable TV per month and we wanted it to be simple to understand and simple to use. Companies of all sizes have told us that it was the perfect solution for their business and that the flexibility of a Health Spending Account with settable annual limits was "just ideal". The insurance side of CoreHealth+ has also been a great solution with very strong features such as Critical Illness and Excess Medical coverage.

Even though cable TV prices have gone up since CoreHealth+ was launched, we have kept the pricing the same. We have also heard the stories from customers who were looking for a solution for their needs. Organizations seem to be falling into one of 3 categories, or cases. Here is what we have found:

Back to Top Case 1: Small businesses with 1 - 4 employeeswho are looking for a cost effective solution that can grow as they grow.

This group of entrepreneurs have lots on their plates and value their small group of staff working to make the company successful. The simple enrollment process with no medical underwriting means the CoreHealth+ solution can be up and running quickly. The flexibility of a Health Spending Account (HSA) means employees can be helped by the company at a level the company can afford. And the insurance coverage provides peace of mind for unplanned events. As the company grows, they often will increase the HSA limit. Part time staff are also eligible for coverage as long as they work at least 15 hours per week.

Back to Top Case 2: Medium sized businesses with 6 - 40 (or more) who have had a traditional group benefits plan but are frustrated with the cost and level of coverage.

It has been interesting to work with this group of companies as we didn't predict there were so many groups wanting "something different" than their traditional group plan. When we talk to these companies, they are frustrated with the cost of traditional group insurance and they see the premiums go up each year. CoreHealth+ provides a modest level of insurance for unplanned or catestrophic events at an affordable price. We have also heard feedback that the real gem with CoreHealth+ is the Health Spending Account. Staff who are single might only want to purchase cool prescription eye-wear while family members have more prescription meds or dental expenses. Each year the company can decide to adjust the HSA limits so the cost control stays in their hands.

Back to Top Case 3: Sole proprietor

Sole proprietors are amongst the hardest working people on the planet and they have healthcare expenses just like the rest of us. Effective Oct 1, 2012, the CoreHealth+ solution is now available to this group of businesses. The HSA limits are more tightly controlled by the CRA ($1500 per adult and $750 per child, combined per family) but is still the best way to pay for healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars. It is the combination of an HSA with the insurance that makes this plan available for Sole Proprietors (CRA requirement).

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