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Insurance "Plus" a Health Spending Account

The CoreHealth+ Health Care benefit plan provides a unique combination of both insurance for unplanned expenses and a Health Spending Account (HSA) for covering routine type expenses.

Two benefit plans in one

There are two types of expenses when it comes to Health Care: Unplanned and Routine. Unplanned expenses are often expensive and serious and are best covered by an insured program. Routine expenses occur regularly and are most cost effectively covered by a "pay-as-you-go" Health Spending Account.

Insurance Premiums

The monthly premiums for the insurance component are calculated by the system based on the number of employees, their age (must be younger than 65), and if they are single or family. Each month National HealthClaim will do an Automatic Withdraw from the specified bank account for the amount owing. If you are the Plan Administrator, please be diligent in adding or removing employees promptly as the system will perform the billing calculations on the first day of the month and is completely based on who is entered in the system.

Health Spending Account

The Health Spending Account is an amazingly flexible reimbursement program where the employee receives a tax free benefit up to the annual limits while the company receives an expense deduction for the company books. National HealthClaim will manage the processing of each claim and ensure eligibility compliance with the CRA.

Each employee has their own secure account where claims are made and banking deposit (optional) information is stored. All past claims, current balance and the entry of new claims is done through the employee login.