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Submitting money to your HSA

The Health Spending Account in your CoreHealth+ plan operates as reimbursement program for employee health and dental related expenses. If no claims are made, no money is required to be submitted. It is, however, helpful to maintain a positive balance on your account to give a fast turn around time on processing and reimbursing employee claims.

Submit HSA Funding Advance

The Funding Advance screen is a snapshot view of all the claims being processed or in transit to National HealthClaim.

Shortfall or Amount needed

The amount in pink is the amount to be submitted to settle the current status of your Health Spending Account. It aggregates all employee claim activity and considers any balance on account.

Submit Advance

The amount you enter can be any amount but should equal at least the shortfall amount or above. There are two methods of payment: By Cheque or Online Bill Payment service with your bank.

Payment options

On-line payments are quick to arrive and be made available for employee reimbursement. Most major banks are supported. If electing to pay by cheque, please enclose the bar-coded page that is presented and mail in. The address for National HealthClaim will be printed on the page and aligns nicely to a windowed envelope.