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Making an Insurance claim

Call Western Life Assurance to make an Insurance Claim

If you need to make a claim that relates items covered, phone Western Life.

If you need Emergency Medical Assistance while traveling, call within 48 hours of treatment commencement:

1.800.936.6226 toll free in Canada & U.S.A.
+1.519.742.3556 collect in other countries

What things are covered by the Insurance?

The insurance portion of CoreHealth+ provides coverage for you and your family. See the Help item: "Insurance Plan Coverage" for more details.

Download and print a personalized "Wallet Card".

At the right side of your online account is a link to generating a personalized Wallet Card document.

Emergency Medical Travel Card.

Cut out the Wallet Card and bring it with you as you travel. There are also phone numbers for the Emergency Travel Assistance.